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viking island

welcome to the famous era of the VIII-XI century


life of a Varangian without seafaring is unimaginable in a way. At our drakkar you’ll learn the basics of seacraft. This skills were trivial for the period, almost everyone could use a boat. So after the short theoretical course we’ll together go out into the open waters towards adventure! 


It was cruical to master a melee weapon, an axe or sword and spear and brodex as well as a bow and javelins. That skill was a matter of survival and could be the source of wealth. Often the result of the skirmish decided the fate of entire settlements. You will learn the art of war and of course you will have a chance to knock the «enemy’s» helmet with all your good soul. We are waiting for the most courageous!


Of course, no one can do without entertaining. Also tournaments are much of use. The circles of Odin and Loki, archery and throwing javelins (so-called sulitsa) for speed, accuracy and range were a way to stay in good shape between battles, and also brought fun for folks and and competitive moment for young warriors!


Authentic food and accessories will complete the immersion in the everyday life of the of the Viking Age. We offer accommodation at the long house, or if desired, camping in authentic tents. Food cooked on an open fire is based on old recipes in which you will not find potatoes and pasta.


The life of people was based at on products of various crafts — tailoring, shoes-making, weapons and many others. Everything from yarn to ships was done by hand! Traditionally there were some gender-specified crafts such as blacksmith works and yarn spinning, as well as for example pottery, where every one could master. It remains to say that this is an incredibly interesting area! You shoud try it all yourself.


Even the most restless kid fall asleep at the night very quickly, allowing parents to feast in honor of valiant campaigns and victories! After all, the games of that time are extremely mobile and exciting. They are hold as a quest around the island and just will give no time to save energy while sitting with the gadgets — your children will be satisfied more than ever!


Not only hiking are included in the program, you can also join the squad to attend one or even several festivals taking place in our country and even abroad. You could to take part in the battles for the konung or his foe. When the battlefield gather more than a hundred of warriors crossing their swords and spears. We are waiting for your applications!


We offer you to surprise your family, relatives and friends or colleagues with an unusual celebration. A wedding, birthday or corporate party will be remembered for its originality and will remain in memory for a long time. Order a miracle now.

You come as pair— get a 5% discount.

3-5 persons — we give a discount of 7%

group of 6-9 people — 10%

And a 15% discount is given to those who ordered accommodation of 10-12 people

Children under 7 years old payed only food in the amount of 30 euro. day, a person 7-14 years — 50% off .

The costs for groups of more than 12 persons are subject for negotiations.

Pre-booking adds an additional + 1% discount for each month of early booking

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